early birds

there’s something magical about early mornings don’t you think? i rarely get to experience them as i usually sleep at this time, but having a baby around kind of changes that ; ) one early morning during our stay in sweden i was up and spotted not only one but three early birds.

9 Responses to “early birds”

  1. Sigga Says:

    April og jeg er early birds:-)

  2. Lea Says:

    Nemlig! Og to søde af slagsen : )

  3. Brinja Says:

    DET er altså verdes fineste billeder Lea!

  4. Brinja Says:

    Ps: jeg er helt pjattet med at du er tilbage på bloggen.

  5. lea Says:

    brinja: tak - det føles godt at være tilbage : )

  6. Emily Says:

    Such a beautiful part of the world you’re in! Lovely photos :)

  7. jenna Says:

    these are so pretty, lea! and i am so so happy you’re back blogging!!!

  8. Marieke Says:

    Beautiful! Good that you’re back :)

  9. outi Says:

    i know what you are talking about;) this is my first summer i have also been awake very early in the mornings, and also enjoyed. those peaceful and beautiful moments.

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