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Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

alas - the cold got a hold of me again. today, like yesterday, is being spent on the couch with tea and the computer. hope i’m back on my feet tomorrow.

hiding in the reeds

Monday, March 9th, 2009

took a walk today after i finished working. the sun was shining but only shortly, being replaced by clouds. i really like walking in the type of nature that you find on “amager fælled” with swamp, flooded grass areas, small lakes and lots and lots of reeds to disappear in.

sunday’s details

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

it’s grey and rainy outside and i am happy being inside drinking coffee and taking a detail expedition in the appartement. hope your sunday is treating you well!

wall decoration experiment

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

okay i’m one of those people who tend to never get things framed and put on the wall because i’m indesicive and never quite sure if i have found the right spot for something. NE is the complete opposite wanting to experiment and have changing wall decorations. today i tried to follow his advice and just put it up there. as you can see some of the pictures are recent second hand buys and a newcomer is the yellow bird print by julia pott. when i bought the print she also sent along a couple of frame drawings from one of her animations - so nice! hope you are having a lovely saturday night!

new shirt

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

two days ago i went to visit my grandmother who lives half an hour drive away…i brought my new analogue camera and shot at anything that moved…leaves and branches included. i also went to the local second hand shop there (the ones outside town are always better) and i found two lovely shirts. one of them being in a funny small flower pattern and a style that reminds me of the series “little house on the prairie”.

i handed in the film today hoping that the guy would say: “we can have it ready for you tomorrow” but instead he said: “you can pick it up next friday”….how am i supposed to be able to wait a week? so next friday everything will be revealed…i imagine a lot of greyish blurry photos…i’ll keep you posted either way!

the contents of my top drawer

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

inspired by gracia’s recent treasure finds in her drawer i felt like having a look at the top drawer of my chest of drawers. for years this has been my “things i don’t know where to put drawer”, resulting in a chaotic mess of pretty postcards, pencils and pencilcases, old letters and other stuff.

an old polaroid camera i have never used since the film is extremely expensive. some postcards from a chinese poster exhibition i attended a long time ago and a wooden pencilcase i have never used but like anyway. (you can see the overloaded drawer in the background)

another more victorian looking pencil case and a heavy brooch both bought in london

a close up of some beatles souvenir song albums my dad bought in the 60s

the first photo shows a print i did while studying art history. we went through all kinds of drawing and printing techniques. second image shows a book from first grade where me and my classmate rasmus are saying: “attending school is fun, we do lots of stuff”. i even remember looking forward to get homework like the older kids did. this phase was very swift.

do you have a drawer like this one?

recent finds

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

after having seen numerous examples of how great analogue color photos can look i have succombed. yesterday i went to the large furniture (and just about everything else) second hand store nearby and couldn’t help but look in the used cameras, binoculars and other stuff department. i found a great pair of binoculars which will come in handy when bird watching on the heath and i also found a canon camera from the 70s in a model called canonet G-III QL17. it’s not an SLR camera but from what i found out from my quick research it’s a small classic. apparently it was called the “poor woman’s/man’s leica” and as i am in fact a bit strapped for cash these days it suits me well. i also found a nice cross stitch of a fair lady.

you can see great analogues here, herehere and here

spring, spring, spring!

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

i woke up, looked outside and found that the sun was shining. i convinced NE that we needed to take a walk (allthough none of us felt like we had the time) and it was great. sun, warmth and birds singing. the first series of images are from the streets close to where we live. amager is such a special area with its diversity in housing types, weird little shops and general mess. the second one is from a small neighbourhood called “eberts villaby”. an area of expensive and noble looking houses founded in 1894 by a man named hermann ebert. notice the fountain, which is in the center of the neighbourhood making it seem like a little town of its own. i like the cat sitting in the sun among the winter aconites.

the opening

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

a little guest

so here’s a couple of photos from the opening in brinja’s shop. we borrowed a poster holder (not sure this word exists) from one of the neighbour shops, to place outside the shop. i kind of like the ice cream advertisement in combination with our poster. the photos are all taken with brinja’s camera and mostly by NE.

the cut

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

1. in need of a cut
2. the cut
3. after the cut

nothing beats before and after pics

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